BNI Sterling Power Teams 

A BNI Power Team is a niche collection of businesses within BNI Sterling that work together in similar markets and often jointly on projects with prospect customers. Think of it as having a ready made department of professionals, working together for the benefit of everyone. 
Just by the nature of a power team a large percentage of your BNI business will come from referrals made by your power team colleagues as they tend to be at the forefront of your thinking. Power teams also hold their own monthly meetings to share ideas, update the team of projects they are working and to develop strategies to create more business. 
To keep the teams effective, when they become too big it can be good to segment the teams down further to get the best business results. Our current teams and categories filled are... 


Estate Agent 
Financial Advisor 
Holiday Planner 
Mortgage Advisor 
Will Writer 

Business Services 

IT Provider 
Vehicle Leasing 
Virtual Assistant 

Business Advisory 

Business Coach 
Tax Planner 
Protection Insurance 


Digital Marketing 
Graphic Design 
Web Design 


If you and your business could fit into one of these teams or you aren't represented at BNI Sterling, book in for a meeting to come and see how it all works. If you need to know more simply click here to contact us
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